Video gaming industry in INDIA

Some people say that video games rot your brain, but I think that they work different muscles that may be you don’t normally use.”- Ezra Koenig

There are lots of gamer within our population. Still it will be hard to say that India is a country that is reaching the pinnacle of video gaming. A part of Indian young generation is video game addict. But on the other hand maximum population finds it a bit boring. That is why the growth of the gaming industry in India is underdeveloped compared to other Asian countries such as Japan, China and South Korea.

But lately, India has found investors around the world to become an important market for this sector.

Indian gamer are quite hard to classify. There are hardcore gamer and gamer who still play video games with handheld devices. There is diversity. India’s video game market has long lagged behind the rest of World. Publishers and distributors of video games struggling to find their place.

However, the picture is changing due to interest of investing in internet and entertainment.

India lacks interests and exploration in video gaming. Still the gaming industry in India industry is worth over $890 million.

The country now has more than 250 game development companies. According to suggested estimates, Mobile games market will reach a worth of $1.1 Billion by 2020.

Indian gaming industry has developed some amazing video games that are popular among the population, such as Asura, Stay Mum, Lovely planet, Scribbled Arena, Unrest etc. Some of them support the iOS platform as well.

Indian gaming developers are in a continuous research to use AI in video games and to invent new area to explore the interest in video games.

We can hope that India will cross the threshold and become a country with enormous interest in video gaming like other sectors dealing with modern age developing and competing with the giants of technology.