Tech savvy countries that are ruling the technology world

“We are changing the world with technology.”- Bill Gates

Technology and being tech savvy is like the ultimate truth in our world now. Among all the nations that are advanced in technology we’ve made a list of the top 5 counties. Let us take a glance at them. Here are countries leading in Network Readiness Index that measures ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), according to Market Watch report.

  • Singapore: This is a country that topped the chart for two years in a row now. Many large companies are based in Singapore. Singapore government has initiated Smart Nation initiative, an effort to coordinate data, networks and info-com technologies. Singapore is using technology in everyday works like transport or paying for groceries.
  • Finland: Finland is a country that is the birthplace of Nokia and Erwise. Though discontinued now, Erwise is the pioneer in web browsers. Finland aims to develop software and hardware that are affordable to all inhabitants. The people of Finland have embraced technology in their daily life and they’re quite eager to stay up to date and tech savvy.
  • Sweden: Sweden is the homeland of companies like Skype, utorrent and Ericsson. Sweden takes the third spot in world in technological advancements. Swedish tech giants would rather spend their resources in technological advancements than in investing in transport, hotels or constructions like other countries.
  • Norway: The most important technology that we got from Norway is Opera. Norway is swiftly catching up to Sweden in their Tech Savvy reputation. This country believes in success in technological collaboration.
  • United States: Last but not the least United States is probably the most digitized country. United States is the home of Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Cisco, Logitech, Adobe, Intel, McAfee etc. The leaders in this industry are among the most tech savvy in the world, earning them the fifth spot worldwide.