SEO & Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is the most important part for online marketing of a website. Without proper SEO a website will be difficult to find online. SEO depends on many factors of a website, the most important part is the contents of a website, that is, how the website is coded (i.e. HTML Structure), links, images and textual contents. Also some other factors are partially responsible for SEO like PR Value, domain name, online traffic etc. SEO can be two types, white hatted SEO and black hatted SEO. White hatted SEO means work on the SEO in proper and normal way i.e. look on the website contents, structures etc. On the other hand black hatted SEO is, using many backlinks from high PR value websites. Black hatted SEO worked 3-4 years ago but after 2014, all the giant search engines improved their technology to detect and measure every website’s’ traffic and contents. They (Search Engines) have begun to punish the websites who had used black hatted SEO to improve their website rank fast. Also some paid traffic from legislative source (like Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, Bing Ads etc.) may improve your SEO score sometimes.
We always provide SEO to our clients to the prover way, we never do black hatted SEO. We first research and analysis for the keywords of the websites, then we focus on the structures and contents of the websites, then we look on the traffic forwarding from legislative advertising source. We mainly optimize online advertising for Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, Bing Ads etc

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