Online Security

Online Security is the mandatory part of any online business. We provide two level of online security, one is server side security and the other one is web application based security. To keep your online data secured, it is important that you are serious to maintain the online security standards about your online business. When your online business is growing then many hackers will try to exploit your online reputations by gaining access to your system. So you need to perform a regular check to be sure that your system is secured. Monitoring your inbound and outbound communications, server software updates, watching server logs, traffic behavior, activities of web application, SQL queries etc. are compulsory for security audits. If your server contains malwares for a certain time of period then your server will be back-listed by the popular search engine and they will delist your site immediately. Also, in that case popular RBL will start blacklist your website gradually so your email service will be affected i.e. all other email providers will start rejecting your emails on their networks.
We provide, CentOS security, cPanel Security, Security Audits, malware removal and inspection services, scan your web application, find out weak php code, check SQL injections, ethical hacking, firewall configurations, prevent spam, delist your mail servers from RBLs etc.

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