Domain & Hosting

Domain and Hosting are the main hardware of a web site. Choosing a perfect domain name with proper extension and selecting a good hosting company with high server resources lead a web site on the top. We provide most of the top level domain names and high resources web hosting. Our competitive domain pricing with free premium DNS and free email address give you the freedom to get the digital name of your website. With a super domain control panel you will be able to manage your domain completely.
All our shared hosting plans stand on high configured server with latest hardware and high speed network support. We have minimized the restrictions of shared hosting so that you are free to use 50% resources of the dedicated server. Our automated load balancing and optimization method will keep your website live always. We use the leading web hosting control panel “cPanel” to provide you the ultimate user experiences. We also provide Reseller Web Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated Server, SSL or Digital Certificates and dedicated IPs. Our highly trained support agents are always beside you 24 X 7 hours whenever you need help. And we are always happy to help. Our support team will help you to start your online business, to setup your website or online store and also help you any kind of software or script related issues which you would face. Our email server will perform highly to deliver your email promptly and not being blocked or black-listed by popular RBL. You will be able to buy any of our domain and web hosting services from our other website which is completely Branded or Marketted as Domains and Web Hosting products. Kindly keep in mind all domains and web hosting related information, plans, pricing and supports will be provided from our other website

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