Recession is a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced. The economy declines significantly for at least six months. A recession means a drop in the five economic factors, real GDP (Gross Domestic Product), income, employment, and manufacturing and retails sales. A recession is preceded by several quarters of slowing down.

A recession is the most feared factor for an employee. The word is distorted in the mind of most people. It brings a fear of defeat and pessimism. It brings stress and does emotional damage in an employee’s mind. It leads to depression, aggressiveness, and lack of concentration, overreaction, negative thoughts, headaches, backaches, heart disease, insomnia and lots of other diseases. Stress impacts the immune system and leads to other diseases.

The conflict mainly arises when the management is impoverished and turns deaf. Job threat is apparent and this leads to employee’s stress. The workflow lacks motivation and this adds further lack of self-esteem in an employee. Deductions in salary due to the system of companies cutting cost give anxiety and this goes on for prolonged time period.

One must visit psychiatrist in order to stay balanced and stop this impacting her/ personal lives as well. Communicating with a friend or a doctor helps a lot at this time. An employee must be made to understand that there is a solution to every problem. Now companies are making a conscious effort to address the issue. They have flexible working hours which stops an employee from being agitated when he reaches office.

Avoiding stress has numerous methods. Spending holidays, taking leaves, taking breaks in between working hours, curtailing working hours can really help. Positivity is the only way that can solve this issue. It should be made an opportunity to use resources to reach good profit. The most important thing is to remember that the health of an worker is very important for a company to succeed.

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