Internet censorship puts control, restriction or suppression on whatever that can be published, searched, accessed, and viewed on the internet. Government agencies and other organizations can put restrictions on the access of their content or a censorship due to copyright issue or not to give a chance of exploitation. Censorship can be put to be used as a propaganda method to promote religious or political agendas.

Internet censorship mainly exists to:

  • Stop people from viewing harmful or sensitive contents.
  • Stop promoting hateful comments or views about any religious or political parties.
  • Control internet related crimes.
  • Control and monitor billions of people on the internet with different opinions.
  • Prevent from using contents with copyright information.

Internet censorship works towards the aim to act as a viable method by governments and organizations to manage what the citizens and people can view and what not. It’s debatable whether it is actually working towards controlling the opinions of people or putting a restriction on controversial and harmful contents. If it is used for a greater purpose of controlling people spreading religious hate and political propaganda rather than promoting the abuse of power, it will prove to be useful.

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