Technology has made its residence in these countries

“Advances in technology and in our understanding of illness and disease together with an expanded workforce and greater resources will allow us to provide more services to a higher quality.”- John Hutton(British Labour politician)

At the dawn of the World War II many countries were left devastated and destroyed even. But if we look back to the last few decades, technological advancement have made its way enormously. Apparently, those countries that were affected the most in the World War II have made most advancement. Japan, America, India, France, England, Russia, Germany, South Korea are some of the countries that have risen like a phoenix even after all the devastation they went through. Apart from using technology in scientific researches medicine, biotechnology, military and digital technology has been blessed by it so far. Here is a small list of the countries that have taken part in the revolution the most.

1. America:

America is by far the most advance country to use technology as a part of life. After they made the GPS to use in their military services we use it to find our route to any unknown places even. America has got its Silicon Valley that houses enormous tech giants like Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, and Uber.

2. Japan:

Japan was affected the most in World War II and yet they’re the pioneer in much groundbreaking technical stuffs. Companies like Mitsubishi, Sony, Toyota and Canon are some of them. They’ve even invented the bullet train and left many countries behind in their technology.

3. India:

India was the colony of British Empire till the mid Nineteenth Century and it is now the land of outsourcing business. 60% of India’s population is within their mid twenties and that gives this country the outstanding opportunity to engage the youth in outsourcing. India also has a silicon valley in Bangalore that resides the top tech giants like Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft. India is advancing the most with its Outsourcing business, e-commerce and mobile apps.

4. South Korea:

Following the splitting of the World’s largest democratic republic nation in 1945 after World War II, North and South Korea remained in constant clash till 1953. The world got to see another spectacle that South Korea made through her technical advancements. Companies like Hyundai, Samsung and LG has found their invention here. This country encourages start ups. Noteworthy, South Korea has a 26 Mbps internet speed that is four times more than the average internet speed of the whole world.

5. China:

It’s nothing new to have more than a few technical parts in which whichever technical gadgets you’re using and from whichever country they are. China is the only country which has shown us the most significant advancements in technology. Even top companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft has their production plant in China. China has got her own mobile phone brands like Huawei, Xiaomi which covered the East Asia with their service. China also has the largest numbers of mobile phone and broadband users.

6. Germany:

Nobody is unaware of the contribution that Germany has made n car manufacturing. But car engineering and Albert Einstein are not the only gems that Germany has given us. Germany is focusing on fields like infrastructure, military technology, medicine and scientific research. German government has also focused on the education in technology.

7. Russia:

The whole world knows about the pioneering research regarding satellite and space that Russia did back then while competing with America. Russia is the innovator in nuclear energy, medicine, chemical, and machine technology. This country has also got some talented hackers with some of them even ethical ones.

8. Sweden:

Sweden is the land where Ericsson, Elecrolux, Volvo and Skype were born. Over the recent 10 years Sweden has growth significant growth in technology. This country produces the most start ups all over the world. 18% of Sweden’s population is engaged in technical and engineering jobs.

9. Canada:

In Canada technology companies only generate $ 117 billion of the total GDP, employing for nearly 6% of the workforce. There is a Silicon Valley in the suburbs of Toronto, where companies that produce equipment and programs are located. Many start-ups are keen to take advantage of the opportunities with which mobile technologies provide them.

10. Australia:

The 22% of the population of Australia is engaged in technical jobs. Some of the world’s largest technology companies are considering the potential of the Australian market and are opening their representative offices and research centers. The growth is more depending on the fact that it has got a good position to enter the Asian markets.

In the past technology was something that was the rich people’s luxury. Somehow over the recent 5-6 decades the image has totally changed. The more and more the technology is progressing the more it is coming within the reach of ordinary people. Technology is no more a dream that only the privileged ones can think about. Thanks to the continuous scientific research and development we have got to see spectacular innovations all around the world.

Apart from the countries that we’ve mentioned there are some other countries like Finland, Israel, Singapore, England, France, Philippines which have got their respective contribution in the technical fields. Everything has changed today from what it used to be in the past. Technology is now everywhere that we can see from waking up in the morning and going to bed at night. We’re blessed with this innovation as long as we use it in our good deeds and get the benefits from it.